Certified Pre-Owned Rolex

Indulgence’s other guilty pleasure is certified pre-owned Rolex watches. Regarded as one of the most distinguished brands in high-end watches, Rolex’ style and innovation make them a highly coveted luxury item. Indulgence strives to seek out these prized possessions, advance them back to their original state as best they can, and provide access to them at a reasonable cost to their clientele.

Indulgence’s pre-owned Rolex watch selection is constantly changing. Please contact or visit them to see what they have available in-stock, or tempt them with a special request. 



Indulgence offers a handpicked selection of the latest Citizen Eco-Drive watches. The technology behind the Eco-Drive line harnesses the power of light and converts it into energy which makes these savvy watches run! This one of a kind technology, the eco-friendly science and the value behind these Citizen watches are the reasons why Indulgence offers this line over others like it in-house.